How is Bootcamp different than CrossFit?

Bootcamp is the perfect fitness option for those who don’t feel quite ready for the complex movements and heavy weights we use in CrossFit. In bootcamp we stick to high energy, easy to learn workouts that are a fun way to get in a good sweat! Every session is still led by a certified coach, who will lead you through a warm up game, two mini workouts, and a cool down.

What is the Bootcamp schedule?

Our bootcamp runs continuously on Monday, Wednesday, Friday’s from 715pm-815pm, so every class is a good class to jump in!

How much does it cost?

We have two payment options for Bootcamp

  1. $8 per walk in
  2. $50 for 8 sessions and save $14
  3. $60 for 12 sessions and save $36

Where is Bootcamp?

All sessions are located at our fully equipped indoor facility

How do I sign up?

Whatsapp: 895 3621 (Nash)


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