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Every single day we (the coaches at CrossFit 673 Jerudong) are surrounded by athletes  performing incredible feats. Not only feats of physical strength, speed, and endurance, but also feats of selflessness, courage, and strength of will. These accomplishments deserve to be shared. Our athletes put in so much hard work and dedication every week, and we want to recognize the greatness within them on a larger stage. With that in mind, we feature athletes who display the heart and soul of CrossFit 673 Jerudong. They inspire us, we hope they inspire you. Also read about our previous Featured Athletes:  Yusri Johari and Filzah Mohammad 

If you ask someone to imagine the ideal athlete you’ll always find certain characteristics people would want: someone who is hard working, competitive, gifted with natural abilities, and devoted to excellence. All of these apply to Bibi, and it showed in her recent performance at the annual Beast of the South East (BOSE) competition hosted at Pusat Belia earlier this year. Bibi finished 2nd overall in the women’s scaled division, beating out some tough competition from around the region for her first ever podium finish!


But there is more to CrossFit than succeeding as an individual athlete. At CrossFit 673 Jerudong we are looking for people who are also great teammates, and for our community Bibi sets the bar high. Ask anyone in the gym and they will remember a time Bibi spoke, gasped, or yelled an encouragement their way during a tough workout. In CrossFit we rarely workout by ourselves, but when you workout with Bibi you never workout alone.

When others within our community succeed, we all succeed, and this is a truth Bibi understands well. Even when she wins she’s doing it for others. It’s why she gives her all in class and on the competition floor, so we can celebrate and participate in her victories and also why everyday she pushes and encourages others to reach their full potential. This CrossFit thing we do, not to mention all of life, is about so much more than ourselves. We are thankful to have someone to remind us of that.


What first drew you to CrossFit?

I have always enjoyed outdoor sports such as hiking and swimming and at first responded to a colleague  saying “crossfit is definitely not for me”.  Filzah invited me to try out a session at 673 jerudong and since then I have seen improvements within myself. Improvements both mentally and physically 🙂 “If this box (aka gym) does not change you, you  may move to another gym” that was what I remembered during foundations which was more than a year ago. I definitely enjoy working out at Crossfit 673 Jerudong and it has no doubt helped me achieved a lot for my body. Also you can scaled the workouts to whichever level you like, which was important for me since I did not feel confident at first. You decide your limits. Have you tried crossfit? Give your body a chance to experience a life changing sport!

What CrossFit achievement are you most proud of?

Being able to participate at the BOSE 2015 scaled division and won second place has definitely proven that the workouts and practices at the box are worth it.

What motivates you to keep striving for improvement?

Participating in competitions definitely motivates everyone to improve.  Healthy competition helps me to strive for my target and achieve new PRs (personal records).  CrossFit programs monitor and encourage continuous improvement and participating in competitions further boosts my commitment and determination in training.  It adds a purpose to the tough workouts/movements.

What did you enjoy most about your experience at BOSE?

The support that the community showed before, during, and after the event was overwhelming.  The coaches and community continuously gave advise on technique and efficiencies.  You know that you are not alone and doing your very best will definitely be worth it.

When do you have the most fun at the gym?

Yelling and cheering for others is the most fun part at the gym! It’s the place I shout and release tension after a stressful day. I love making time for CrossFit! Honestly, the time I enjoyed most was during the Opens season. “The pain is real” I enjoy watching the struggle everyone shows but at the same time finishes every WOD feeling very satisfied.

How does being a part of a community enhance your CrossFit experience?

The community will never let me give up easily.  It is the ‘PUSH’ that you need to gain confidence in doing something you are not very comfortable with.

Describe your perfect CrossFit class experience (either one that actually happened or imaginary)

A perfect CrossFit class experience was definitely the mini team competition/demonstration we hosted for Edutainment at the Jerudong amphitheater.  I absolutely love partner and team workouts in class! Having a positive partner or team makes every single session more enjoyable.

Bibi_004 Jbox Teams-3 Bibi_010 Bibi_002 Jbox Opens 15point5-102 Bibi_008 Bibi_001 Bibi_011All photos taken by Nicole Payne and Adam Hague

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