Featured Athlete: Filzah Mohammad


Every single day we (the coaches at CrossFit 673 Jerudong) see athletes in the gym performing incredible feats. Not only feats of physical strength, speed, and endurance, but also feats of perseverance, courage, and strength of will. These accomplishments deserve to be shared. Our athletes put in so much hard work and dedication every week, and we want to recognize the greatness within them on a larger stage. With that in mind, we feature athletes who display the heart and soul of CrossFit 673 Jerudong. They inspire us, we hope they inspire you too.

Filzah is among those who first joined CrossFit 673 Jerudong the month we opened our doors back in May 2014 and since day one Filzah has made the box a little brighter. Her cheery demeanor, WOD conquering will, and of course her egg tarts(!!!) ensure everyone has a little more fun when she’s around. Motivated by pushing herself to the limits, Filz isn’t one to back down from a challenge. In 2013 she competed against the world in her first CrossFit Opens and currently ranks 14th in the 673 League with a top 5 finish in event 5.14.

She also faces her weaknesses head on. When she first came to our gym she could only do one double under at a time, now people are asking her for tips! Each and every class she sets the pace by giving it her all, always with that signature smile (after the WOD at least). We asked Filzah to share about her CrossFit journey (so far), and give us a little more insight into what makes her tick.


Athlete Specs (in lbs)

Snatch: 65               Clean and Jerk: 85
Front squat: 110    Back squat: 125
Strict press: 70       Deadlift: 185

Why did you start doing CrossFit?

Out of curiosity after I stumbled upon a Facebook page on CrossFit I went to check out what it is all about. That was 2 years ago, and here I am still learning & wodding with my fellow CrossFitters. CrossFit itself is a concept of fitness. It’s not for the faint hearted but with strong will, determination, perseverance & hard work, anyone can do CrossFit. Nowadays more & more Bruneians are aware of CrossFit but once I mention I’m a CrossFitter, it’s still a hard fact to process. Just because of the traditional lifestyle where girls don’t lift. But as long as I love what I do, it all doesn’t matter to me really.

How would you describe the 673 community?

The community at the box is a bonus. It’s so easy to be friends with everyone. Outgoing, boisterous, jokes all around, goofy..all after WODs.

What’s your favorite type of WOD (Workout of the Day)?

I don’t have any particular favourite WOD because all of the WODs are just tough. But safe to say, people at the box makes each & every WOD do-able. Gymnastics movements are my least favourite.

How was your experience doing CrossFit competitively?

Ever since I started CrossFit, I took part at Battle Royale 2012, CrossFit Games 2013 & Battle Royale 2014. To compete is tough. Not only am I trying to beat the time, there are also stronger competitors all around. Regardless of the beginners or those who have been doing CrossFit for over a year. But at the end of the day, of every competition, I could see my weakness & strength. And from there I will try my best to do what I must do harder.

What fitness goals do you have for the next year?

For 2015, I have set a few goals & few PRs which I would dream to achieve. Pull ups without band, snatch 85lbs, clean & jerk 110lbs are some of the many.

What hobbies do you have outside of CrossFit?

Apart from CrossFit, I’m a full time English teacher at a Secondary School, bakes & sells egg tart as part time & I do Humanitarian Aid Mission for Muslims to countries such as Cambodia & Vietnam during school breaks.

Photos courtesy of Yusri Johari and Nicole Payne

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